Becky’s Cupcakes wrap up

The 2011-2012 school year is finally over, and it’s been a busy one. I had the opportunity to work on a website for Becky’s Cupcakes located in Warsaw, Virginia. It was interesting considering that we were located in Hastings, Nebraska and never actually met with Becky face to face. It’s crazy what technology can do these days.

I’m really lucky to be a part of a web program that works directly with a client to develop a website from start to finish. Being a sophomore in college to learn about the client design process first hand. That’s not something most college sophomores can say. Especially considering I just decided to pick up a web major this school year.

My main tasks for this project were to design the logo, write up the code for the HTML5 pages, and design with CSS.

Logo I designed for Becky’s Cupcakes.

The logo was really fun to do and turned out pretty nicely.

Coding the pages was an adventure. We had a couple people working on different sections so it got to be a headache combining code sometimes, but that comes with the territory I suppose. It was still a great experience working with a team of students with different talents and specialties.

Home page for Becky’s Cupcakes.

Here’s what we ended up with. There are still a few things I would love to change, but it was the first time I’ve worked directly with a client and the first year I’ve actually done web design. I’ll take it.


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