Voter Tide Promotional Video

I had the opportunity to work with another client on the video production side of things. Voter Tide, a company that specializes in alerting you about political figures, wanted a promotional video for their company. They came to me and two other students at Hastings College with the idea to do a parody of the LBJ Daisy ad. Here’s the original in case you haven’t seen it.

And here is what we ended up with.

We wanted to make it a little bit more relevant to the technology age but wanted to keep the innocence of the little girls. We came up with the idea to incorporate another little girl that walks in with a cell phone counting off all the tweets that she was getting. After that we went straight into the explosions and the risky photos that political figures feel is necessary to spread across the web.

It was really cool to still be in school and work directly with a client on a project. The only thing I wish we had was more time to work with it. We were kinda crunched for time considering it was a couple weeks before finals when we started working on it.


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